What’s Been Happening in July

We have had one of our more “wet” years here in San Antonio de Pichincha.  This means rainy season lasted longer and we received a lot more rain than we do during the “dry” years.  Our grass is still green and we had to actually mow the lawn multiple times!  However, the dry-windy season has started and that means a LOT of dust – inside, outside, everywhere!  We were in Quito at the Panecillo on Sunday.  It’s a hill in the middle of the city and you can get good views north and south.  It was a beautiful clear day except towards Mitad del Mundo where we live.  Sort of reminded me of the Peanuts character Pig Pen…

We celebrated 15 years of living here in this house on June 30th!  We’ve made lots of good memories here in this home – raised six kids, hosted friends, families, Bible studies, and work teams.  We hope to make many more memories.

This month we had our friend Garry and Sherry Collins visit us from the States.  They brought their son Darren, his wife Diana and son Beau; daughter Deena and son Collin; and daughter Debi.  They had spent two amazing years of their lives 38 years ago down in Limoncocha, the SIL missionary base that Ron grew up at and they wanted to visit it again.  On our way we stopped in Sinangue, so they could visit one of the Cofan villages.  Then we headed to Limoncocha the next day.  Our trip went great, with Garry and Sherry getting to visit with some long-time friends they had made all those years ago in Limoncocha.  The bird and animal life around the lake was amazing during the daytime boat trip and Ron got to take them out for a nighttime caiman “hunt” to catch young ones by hand!  We wrapped it up with a great shopping trip to Otavalo for the ladies their last day.

Above photos are in Sinangue and waterfall on the road trip.


One of the original three missionary houses (Yost house) left on the base and enjoying some fresh cacao (cocoa bean fruit) at a local coffee/cocoa processing plant


Boat trip and female caiman guarding her nest

More samples of animal life on the lake shores


Highlight of the trip for Garry was getting to visit with Vicente who he had worked with


Shopping in Otavalo

As for the rest of this month, we will be hosting a few other missionary friends overnight during their travels, Bible studies and helping with a Cofan girl teen retreat.  If you remember from our “To-ing and Fro-ing in May” post (check it out again: https://bormanbroadcast.com/2017/05/29/toing-and-froing-in-may/), a Cofan boy teen retreat happened with a white water rafting activity.  That inspired some of the teen girls to ask if they could have a retreat also.  So July 28-30 we will be helping with a retreat for some girls, hosting them here at the house with one day of activities out at El Refugio for some team building activities on rope courses, zip-line, etc.  Pray for this event.  Right now we are expecting about seven girls from Sinangue to attend.  Nataly has been planning the whole thing, with some help on figuring out the budget and Bible teaching sessions.  The cost will be about $80 per person to attend (includes transportation to and from the jungle) and we have already had one gift that will cover about 1/3 of that need already!  If you would like to help send one of the girls on the retreat, let us know and we can send you the information.

Don’t forget to pray for us as we prepare for our Europe trip to serve other TCK’s (missionary kids) August 4-18.  We still need to keep it a secret as to the location of this trip, so stay tuned for our return and the answer to the mystery!

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