“Toing and Froing” in May

You might be wondering if the words in the title to this post is something that actually exists in the English vocabulary.  It does!  As I was looking for a good synonym for the word activity, my online thesaurus gave some “informal” options and this one was too fun to pass up!

First, we will share about Ron’s trip to the States.  He spent about twelve days up in Michigan, spending time with his dad and helping out Rick and Sue so they could have a little break from the care giving.  Our daughter Sarah accompanied him, so she could make sure the guys had good cooking during that time.  It was a good visit and they got to spend time reminiscing and going through pictures and boxes.  Ron said they had gorgeous spring/early summer weather and the apple blossoms were beautiful!  Ron even helped put up a new wheelchair ramp.

Rick, Sue and family were able to attend Evan’s graduation from Moody Bible Institute and take a camping/kayaking trip together.

Ron was able to take a day or two to drop Sarah off at Phantom Ranch Bible Camp where she will be working for the summer.  She’s once again Craft Director, but will also be adding on Housekeeping and Snack Shack Supervisor this year!


On his way back to Ecuador, Ron made a short detour to Pensacola, Florida where he got to see our son Isaac!  They had fun just spending time together at the Sports Center on the Pensacola Christian College campus.  Ron was super impressed with their climbing walls – Isaac’s favorite place on campus!  They also managed to make a quick visit to the beach.  Isaac is working on campus this summer AND at their summer camp.

Meanwhile, Esther and Aaron were at home where Aaron and Andy worked hard to finish their 11th grade work for highschool.  Lots of time and energy was spent on studying with these two guys this year.  It’s hard to believe they only have one more left!


It was also the finish of the ladies Bible study in the book of Daniel.  What a precious time we had together studying God’s Word (and cuddling this sweet baby)!


Ron wasn’t back more than two days when he headed to the jungle to attend a Cofan Youth Retreat.  Teens from the village of Zabalo and Sinangue met near Loreto, which is located between the towns of Coca and Tena.  It was a wonderful time of fellowship and they got to go White Water Rafting!  Needless to say, the rafting guides were VERY impressed with the group and their comfort with the water.


We thought we would give a quick update on where the kids are these days and what they are doing.  First, is Lydia.  She and her students in Mexico finished up their year of school and she landed in the States on Saturday May 27th.  She will be visiting family and friends for the next few months before she heads back to Mexico to teach her missionary students (and possibly some new ones) the end of August.  Her students love art projects!  If anyone would like to donate some supplies, let Lydia know:  7jungle7@gmail.com


Ethan and Leanne are settling back in the States after their time in the Congo.  They have jobs in the Spokane, Washington area and just found an apartment in the area to (at least) temporarily move into.  Pray for their continued transition.  Ethan has also been able to connect with some of his Moody Bible Institute friends, one which is really into music and they post on a YouTube page:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBhIxiZC0dKW3woad9EsTIw


Julia is coming to the end of her studies for the spring semester in Capernwray, England.  It has been a special time for her and she and her cousin Alisha have enjoyed the time spent in God’s Word, meeting new friends from all over the world and seeing some of the local sights.  Pray for her travels back to the United States in mid-June and as she figures out what God has for her next. (Photos include:  Julia, her cousin Alisha, Shawna Julia’s roommate from Oregon, Bettina from Switzerland and Wendy from New Zealand.)

Julia got to visit Liverpool one day and hike in the Lake District!



As mentioned above, Isaac is working in Pensacola Christian College this summer on campus AND at their local summer camp.  Sarah is working at Phantom Ranch Bible Camp again in Wisconsin and this summer she is joined by her youngest brother Aaron!  He opted to work at summer camp this year, which leaves Ron and I with our first real tastes of “empty nest”!  Pray for all of us as we transition during this summer.  Aaron will be back for his 12th grade year of homeschooling, but we know that this is just the beginning of a new phase in life!

Sarah and Aaron at Phantom Ranch Bible Camp in Wisconsin

Summer prayer items:  We have a family group coming down for a visit in July.  We will be hosting them and taking them out on a jungle trip.

In August we have an opportunity to go as volunteers to work in a children’s program at a Christian conference in Europe!  We aren’t sure how this is all going to work out yet, but pray for finances, flights, and all those details that go into a two week trip.  It is a working volunteer trip but ALSO a 30th wedding anniversary adventure!!

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  1. Praying for you. Thank you for such informative letters. May God continue to bless and provide for your ministry for His kingdom.

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