March to mid-April

Dear friends,

This month, I’m borrowing a newsletter our daughter Sarah wrote to give you an update on what’s been happening around here.  I’m feeling bogged down with so much happening (and getting behind on reporting it), fighting a cold/virus (I’m on week three and Ron week four) and Sarah’s letter seemed the perfect way to catch you all up on what has been keeping us so busy.

Before we start Sarah’s letter, we just want to say our daughter Sarah has been such a tremendous help to us these past six months.  With her Bible school/ministry training she received, and her servant’s heart she has been a valuable and essential asset to the ministry here.

Sarah’s Messenger Bird

Hello Everyone,

Thank you for all your prayers over the last few months.  I have really appreciated them as I have been very busy.  I’m going to share a little about a few different ministry trips and activities that I have done.  Most of them are my mom and dad’s ministries that I have been able to help with

First, the youth ministry that I have been able to help with has been awesome.  We have a great Homeschool Group down here and it has been amazing getting to work with the teens and plan activities for them.

One of the biggest activities was the annual teen retreat that my parents do for the teens.  I got to help come up with the theme, which was a medieval theme, and plan the activities and Bible lessons to go with it.  We usually have one of our regular teen nights each year that has a medieval theme, and it is one of the teen’s favorite themes, so we decided to make it the retreat theme.

For some of the activities we had archery, quarterstaff, jousting, catapults oratory and knitting.

Our Bible lessons were on how we can imitate people like Timothy and Titus, Paul and ultimately God and Christ in our Christian walk.  It was a great weekend and we all had a lot of fun.

Next, I have been able to go on all of my dad’s trip to the jungle villages of the Cofan people.  There are three main villages that we visit and the team of Cofans that my dad works with are great.

On one trip we went to the town of Limoncocha, which is a town of another people group; and the Cofan ministry team did a kid’s program and shared at the local church.  It was cool to see the people that my dad has been discipling put together their own ministry trip.  I helped with the technical stuff, like the computer, projector and speakers.

Then just this last week before Easter we all went down to the biggest Cofan village and the Cofan ministry team shared their program with the people there.  The village is spread out, so they did the presentation four times, in four different sectors of the village.

Also, some smaller things that I have been doing is helping out with childcare when my mom has a women’s Bible study, and studying Cofan and the Bible with Nataly, a young Cofan woman who is part of my dad’s ministry team.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray that these next few weeks in Ecuador will be good and that I will be able to help a lot in the youth ministry, the village ministries and anything else I have the opportunity to help with.
  • Pray for safe travels as I will be traveling back to the USA on the 10th of May and will be working at a summer camp for the summer months.
  • Pray for direction after the summer as I decide what I will do next.


A servant of God,

Sarah Borman

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