Summer Sojourns

How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him who brings good news, who publishes peace, who brings good news of happiness, who publishes salvation, who says to Zion, “Your God reigns.” Isaiah 52:7

We so much appreciate all your prayers and gifts of support the past month. We daily and humbly thank the Lord for His provision and for each of you that cheerfully give to the work here in Ecuador. Such a blessing!

At last count, we have fourteen Proclaimer units out into the hands of the people and desire to get out more. Pray for the Lord to bring those who need this audio Bible source to our attention, so we can give them the opportunity to listen to God’s Word in their heart language on demand.

Receiving Proclaimers in Sinangue
Receiving Proclaimers in Dureno

Another much needed project was started in June – an outhouse/bathhouse for the Sinangue Church. This will make visiting Sinangue easier for our family and friends. Ron’s brother Rick is also bringing down a group of about 30 people from their home church in Michigan, and we hope the “facilities” help make their overnight trip easier.

Some progress on the bathroom house
Back of the Sinangue church on the left and bathroom house on the right

Preparations for our family time in early July brought some excited anticipation. Sheri and two of her kids, Kendra and Thomas came from Texas; Rick, Sue and six of their seven kids (and one spouse and grandchild) came from Michigan, Colorado and Ecuador; and Ron and Esther (Ecuador) and their son Ethan and his wife Leanne (Washington) attended. One place we all wanted to revisit, was a favorite family restaurant Ron’s parents, Bub and Bobbie, would take us to – Chifa Lung Wah! Even our long-time favorite waiter (now manager) was still there and eager to serve our family group of seventeen.

Yes, the food is as yummy as ever!
Sheri’s family, Rick’s family and Ron’s family represented here

We then loaded up three cars and headed to Dureno, the village that Bub and Bobbie lived in to learn the Cofan language. We stayed in our house and a neighboring house during our time there and were joined by some of Randy’s (Ron’s oldest brother) family. Randy, Amelia, Felipe and his son Nigel; Federico and Jeremiah were able to come.

The first evening we met with the people down in their covered “stadium” and showed pictures of Bub and Bobbie’s time with the people. It was enjoyed by all.

The next morning we headed to the river for a short boat trip to the new Dureno church location and had a time of remembrance and celebration of Bub and Bobbie’s lives with the Cofan people. Several of their long-time friends and helpers shared about how Bub and Bobbie’s service in coming to Ecuador to translate the Bible into the Cofan language changed their lives and brought them to the Lord. It was a time of laughter, a few tears, and some hearts being moved.

Then we loaded up into two big fiberglass canoes (made by the Cofan people and sold all over Ecuador) and went downriver to the Cofan people burial site to add Bub and Bobbie’s ashes near Randy’s wife Amelia’s family plot. Esther took a few moments just looking on and noticing the loving service of every person there to tending their own family grave sites as well as wanting some small part in preparing Bub and Bobbie’s site. It was very special and quite touching to see.

Next, we loaded up the cars and headed over to Limoncocha. This was the location of the Wycliffe jungle base, that all the Bible translators and their families lived at while doing the work. It is now a national reserve and wonderful place to enjoy God’s creation! It had been years and years since some of the family had been back to visit. We all enjoyed a boat tour on the lake, seeing many birds, some monkeys and a mother caiman and some of her babies.

While there, Ron was able to have a meeting with some of the leaders about restoring one of the original Wycliffe family houses. There is a desire to restore one and turn it into a museum of sorts, of the settlement of Limoncocha and the history of the Bible translation work that was done there. We will try to let you know how things develop.

We do appreciate your prayers for us while we were traveling. The rainy season has been brutal on the road, so we were thankful that we were able to get down and back up again without too many slow ups.

Besides visiting a couple of waterfalls, we enjoyed some Parrillada when we returned to Quito and had some good family sing-alongs. Of course, we had a cousin photo as well.

We appreciate your continued prayers the next weeks as we head down to the jungle, the coast and work on things in between. Ethan and Leanne are with us until July 24th, and are looking into ministry opportunities.

Family in the States

Just a quick photo of our three working at the Ark Encounter this summer. They are enjoying the summer job, making new friends and spending time with ones they made last summer. Don’t forget to let us know if you plan to visit the Ark and/or Creation Museum this summer, as we can help you get discounted tickets!

Sarah, Isaac and Lydia

And just to let them know we haven’t left them out, our daughter Julia and her husband Paul are living and working in Washington state, and son Aaron is working at Camp Elkanah in eastern Oregon this summer.

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