May Ministry Update

It’s not often that we post so closely together, but so much has been happening that we just had to share again. As mentioned in one of our previous posts, May ended up being a conference/retreat month for us. We had hours of preparation, especially for two of the events.

The first conference was Pure Joy International that Esther was privileged to attend. Fifty missionary women from Ecuador, Peru, and Colombia attended and we were treated to very special times of fellowship, worship, and so many lovely personalized gifts made by women’s groups from churches all over the USA. What a blessing and encouragement!

Our next conference was for families of Third Culture Kids. This was hosted at El Refugio – a Christian training center about 15 minutes from our house. Ron gave his story as a TCK and father of TCK’s and Esther led the children’s group ages 3 – 6. We had a lovely day to enjoy the retreat center and care for some beautiful kids.

Ron managed to slip in one jungle trip this month to visit Sinangue, Dureno and Dovuno. The progress on the church building in Dureno is a great encouragement!

May 2019

We kept trying to reach the folks at the Bible Society here in Quito and finally talked to the right person and were able to receive the new Proclaimers! Most of the units are smaller this time around and can have up to four languages on them. All of them have Cofan, Spanish and some have added Quichua and/or Secoya. These devices can run on either solar power or AC adapter. We have some folks really looking forward to receiving their new Proclaimers!

Thank you, thank you for praying for our Sunday teen class retreat this past week. We had a great time at Campamento Palabra de Vida on the road between Calacali and Nanegalito. They have a beautiful facility where we held our retreat sessions and our group enjoyed the outdoors, including a hike to some waterfalls. We had 20 attendees and 6 amazing leaders!

This week we will host our final Homeschool Teen Fellowship meeting for the school year. It has been a great season with this youth group and we look forward to starting up again next fall. (Photos from our earlier meeting May 10th – Medieval Night.)

The months ahead look full of Bible studies, jungle trips and a family reunion time in early July. Ron, his three siblings and other family that are able to attend will lay to rest their parent’s ashes in a Cofan cemetery. Appreciating prayers for this time of reflection and remembrance.

One thought on “May Ministry Update

  1. Thanks for the update! Our prayers continue for both of you and family- especially for the time ahead burying loved ones ashes.

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