October Happenings

It is past time to send out an update of what is happening here at the middle of the world!  Because we live in the little town just below the main equator monument here in Ecuador, this area is often called the “middle of the world” by those familiar with it.


This month has been full of trips to the jungle, Bible studies and youth activities.  We had our Homeschool Family Fair this past October 7th, hosting it at our house.  Our homeschooled teens ran the booths for their family and friends to raise money for their retreat in March.  We had a good turnout and raised some money for our annual HTF retreat.

Trips to the jungle included all three villages this past month.  The most recent trip was to Dureno.  Please pray for the Believer’s there.  Supposedly the government building people have promised to level off an area to build a new church building.  Ron is waiting to see what develops from this and then this will be a likely project for this coming 2017.

Some of the kids in Dureno that attend Ron’s Bible meetings just for them

This coming Friday October 21 we will be taking both of our youth groups (homeschool and church) to a Youth Rally held at the Alliance Academy International school.

Homeschool Teen Fellowship
English Fellowship youth at a recent park day

Our car is doing much better!  We were finally able to find the part we needed for the power steering and Ron isn’t having to strain his muscles as much going over our mountainous roads.

Ron keeps in touch with our Secoya friends Jonas and Celinda.  They were waiting a couple of weeks to get Celinda’s blood pressure under control before scheduling her hip replacement surgery and last report from Jonas he said they are now waiting for her doctor to get back from his vacation.  As soon as we hear when the surgery date is scheduled, we will let you know so you can pray.

Missionary Kids’ Update

Sarah just returned last night to Michigan from PNG!  Here time there was very special and she learned a lot.  If you would like to hear more about her adventures, email her at:  elzeeborman3@gmail.com  She will be heading down here to Ecuador October 27th for a little R&R after her busy year and to help out with ministry down here for a little while.

Ethan and Leanne seem to be enjoying their time in the Congo.  They are working on their French language and homeschooling kids and adjusting to a jungle climate and culture.  If you are interested in hearing more from them, email:  ethanbormanfilm@gmail.com

Lydia has settled in at her new post in Mexico.  She is enjoying learning about a new culture, the Tarahumara, homeschooling her students and volunteering at the Mision Hospital Tarahumara.  If you would like to know more, email:  7jungle7@gmail.com or check out her blog:  amazonninja.wordpress.com

And for those of you interested in what our daughter Julia is doing – she is working at the Phantom Ranch Bible Camp in Wisconsin during their busy retreat season.  Plans are for her to join us here in Ecuador at Thanksgiving, help with ministry here and then head over to attend Capernwray in England next April!  Meanwhile, we will share one of her photos of Autumn in Wisconsin…


4 thoughts on “October Happenings

  1. Dear Ron & Esther,
    Lovely to hear from you. I praise our faithful Father for your faithfulness in training your
    children and others’ to follow the Lord and to serve Him wholeheartedly. Your whole family is very special to me and Ron’s Mum was one of my dearest friends.
    You are all jewels in the crown of Jesus and because of your faithfulness there will be many many Cofans in heaven, reflecting the light of His glory.
    May the Lord bless you with heart peace, wisdom, strength and JOY.
    With much love,

  2. Ron & Esther
    So good to find you guys. I came with a church from Brandon FL in the late 1980s and we worked on moving a water source when you guys lived in Dureno. You let a bunch of us guys all sleep in your home and I think all the snoring scared your young children! You were the best hosts! I have some photos I would love to share that I’m guessing you may not have seen. I’ll leave my contact info below. May God continue to bless your service.

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