Adventures in August

Once again another month passes by quickly.  Homeschool started back up with my students Aaron and Andy Rogers starting 11th grade this year on August 9th.

Aaron and Andy 1st day of 11th grade
Aaron and Andy on the first day of 11th grade

Last night, August 26th, we had our first Homeschool Teen Fellowship meeting for the season!  We had a great turn out of our regulars and three new kids.  We are excited for this group and the activities planned for this coming school year.

HTF August 26, 2016 – What a great group of kids to work with!

In August, Ron took two trips to the jungle.  One was helping facilitate a Christian music group from Quito who wanted to put on a concert in the little town of Cabeno across the river from the village of Sinangue.  There was a great turnout and both towns and the music group were greatly blessed from the trip.

Gedeon in concert in Cabeno August 12, 2016

Then Ron went down to go on the much anticipated “Walk” with the Cofan church leaders.  However, God had different plans that week.  First, they got stuck and had an extra day in Sinangue with a high flooded river and then a last minute work-day (minga) came up in the village that shortened the event from the other end.  It sounds like everyone still wants to try (walking like Jesus and his disciples in Bible times from village to village – with a study on the Sermon on the Mount) so it will be rescheduled at a later time.  Ron was able to have some good conversations that week with folks in Sinangue and Dovuno, so the time was not wasted.

The Aguarico River in flood from the Sinangue shore

Earlier in the month, we were contacted by Jhonas, from the downriver Secoya tribe.  We had helped him out earlier in the year with some medical expenses for his mother.  Well, she is desperately needing a hip replacement surgery that he was needing to gather some funds for.  Ron put the word out on his Facebook page and what Jhonas was hoping for (plus some) came in just a matter of days!  We are so thankful for God’s family coming together to help a member in need.  The doctors are trying to get Celinda’s blood pressure under control and then they will do the surgery.  We will try to keep you posted so keep her in your prayers.

Celinda Piaguaje and son Jhonas – Secoya people group

Our next challenge this month has been with our car.  It started having some difficulties with the power steering (it can still be driven safely without power steering – you just have to put a LOT more muscle into it AND you find out how power steering really is a big help) and we have had this problem for over a month.  We have been praying for and working with a local mechanic to try to find a power steering pump replacement locally.  We are hoping we finally found one and are just waiting on the confirmation.  Keep praying!  Meanwhile, Ron is building some good arm muscles driving on these curvy Andean roads…

Our 1998 Mitsubishi Montero – one of our most valuable tools of ministry here

For our missionary kids’ update:

Sarah is now in PNG enjoying her internship at the POC/SIL center there.  She is learning Tok Pisin, a lot about the local culture and making many new friends.

Lydia is down to the last 10 days in the States before taking off to her new assignment in Mexico.  She is getting excited to start the homeschooling school year with the Hardin kids.

Ethan and Leanne have less than a month before they leave for the Republic of the Congo – just waiting for that visa stamp in their passport…

Christian Missions in Many Lands

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Spring Lake, NJ 07762

3 thoughts on “Adventures in August

  1. Hi Ron & Esther,

    Thanks for your news bulletins. Our mental images of your family, etc. need more updating – the brain doesn’t seem to take it all in, e.g. Aaron in Grade 11; Ethan married… Sarah & Julia graduated… Lydia & Sarah off to another land. I imagine you now have an even deeper appreciation for contemporary communication methods.

    We have been in a lot of turmoil in the last few years especially since Melody and Karis are both single parents now. To add to the effect of those break-ups, Karis & Kelly’s kids (at least Heather) has now been diagnosed as having Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, with the most pronounced symptom being subject to mood swings punctuated by violence. Actually up to now Hannah has been a delightful child, but she has been bullied by her big sister and seems to be learning a few bad behaviours from her sister. We have spent quite a bit of time with them and can only trust that our input is positive and God-honoring.

    We still don’t know where Melody is enrolling Megan for Grade 8. Her job as a TA has been cut back to 3 hours a day, so Melody was contemplating spending half-days teaching Megan at home what she finds too difficult to learn at school. Another huge challenge. Your prayers are appreciated.

    Neil (& R)

    1. Thanks for the update on your end, Uncle Neil. We will be praying for your dear daughters and their children. It is a challenge raising pre-teens and teens these days. Give Aunt Ruth our love.

      The next time we are on the west coast, we will try to make it up your way. It would be lovely to catch up in person.


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