Another full month as we move from November into December.  Right now Ramon and Marcelo are here helping Ron get ready for the Cofan Christmas Fiestas next week.  He and his team will be going to three villages and three smaller satellite villages to celebrate Christ’s birth.  Here is a glimpse into the preparations of sorting, gathering and preparing a puppet show.

Please pray for Ron and the team and the Cofan villages, especially during December 5-10, as they celebrate with the village believers and share the gospel.

Our family hosts an annual Thanksgiving celebration with some friends in the area.  It’s a special time to count our blessings and have a wonderful time of fellowship.

Thanksgiving 2016

We are so thankful to have our daughters Sarah and Julia with us right now!  Isaac will get to come home for Christmas and so will Lydia in mid-December.  Ethan and Leanne continue their work in Africa and we will miss them this year.

Esther’s class at church was asked to help with an Advent remembrance each Sunday morning.  Our first Sunday we remembered the prophets and how they gave God’s people hope.


Tomorrow night, is our last Homeschool Teen Fellowship meeting for this year.  We will restart again in January.  We are planning to host a Homeschool Family Christmas party on the 17th and look forward to some fun fellowship, carol singing and amazing food!

Thank you for your prayers for us during this season.  Your emails of encouragement and interest in the work here in Ecuador mean so much to us.

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