July – Ministry and Family

Just realized I hadn’t posted anything for the month of July and the month is almost over!  We have had such full and busy weeks and time has just flown by so fast.  Thank you for praying for us, the work here in Ecuador, and for our family.  Those prayers are very precious to us.

This month we have had many friends and family in and out and have been privileged to practice a lot of hospitality.  Ron was blessed to take our niece Rachelle and her husband Mike on one of his jungle village trips which included a visit to Zabalo – the village he might get to once or twice a year.  They shared with the children and adults on the trip and got to go hunting and fishing!

Then our nephew Greg and his wife Sarah arrived to join in the fun!  It has been great meeting for the first time and getting to know the spouses of our niece and nephew.  They are wonderful people and we look forward to seeing how God uses them for the kingdom!


This weekend Ron’s brother Rick, his wife Sue and the rest of the kids will be coming over to stay.  Rick and Sue have hosted a work team at another location earlier this month, but starting this weekend will be family week with their WHOLE immediate family being together for the first time in Ecuador for around 7 years!  We hope to go to the beach together and enjoy some fun adventures with all 15 of us.  It is a privilege to host them for the next 10 days.

Meanwhile, we have been working on getting ready for a busy school year with starting up our Homeschool Teen Fellowship meetings the end of August and Esther’s ladies Bible study starting up the first week of September as well as our Sunday morning Children’s Church group.  Oh, and we can’t forget all the gathering and planning for our homeschool year with Aaron and Andy Rogers starting up the second week in August!  Esther has had several conversations this past month.with families interested in starting homeschooling this fall.  Pray with us for these families making decisions for their children’s education.

Julia, Aaron, Isaac, Leanne, Ethan and Sarah

Thank you for praying for Aaron’s trip to Washington state to visit Ethan and Leanne.  He had a nice time and a few adventures!

Keep praying for Sarah and her internship in Papua New Guinea.  We are waiting for that visa to appear in the mail ANY DAY!  Right now the purchase of the airline ticket seems like an impossible task, so please pray.  God has worked in marvelous ways to get her this far – providing for the extra medical expenses she didn’t figure on – so we are trusting He will provide for the extra costs for her ticket as well.  This has been a faith stretching experience for our whole family!  She is going under Christian Missions in Many Lands and they are handling any support gifts that come her way.  She will be in PNG from mid-August to mid-October.

Christian Missions in Many Lands

P.O. Box 13

Spring Lake, NJ  07762

(Just like when you support us, make the check out to CMML with a note saying it is for Sarah Borman.)

Lydia has been enjoying her time in Michigan taking care of Grandpa Borman and Rick and Sue’s house while they are in Ecuador.  She has been in communication with the Hardins, the missionary family she will be helping in northern Mexico, and picking out what homeschool curriculum they will be using for the year.  She plans to head down there in September.  She will be going under Mexico Medical Missions.  They will be handling her support funds.

photos of Lydia 014

Ethan and Leanne’s journey towards the Congo continues.  Let us know if you have an interest to learn more.

Isaac in Colorado and Julia in Wisconsin are enjoying their work this summer.  Isaac will be heading to Pensacola Christian College early September to start his college studies and Julia will be staying on to work at Phantom Ranch Bible camp during their fall retreat season.

Our Cofan friend Andres has been up visiting from Peru this past month.  It has been fun catching up on what he has been doing and with his growing family of two daughters and a son.

August 15-20, Ron will be leading “The Walk”.  He will be going with a group of Cofan believers as they walk from the village of Sinangue, to Dovuno and then to Dureno to feel what it was like to travel during Bible times.  They wanted to know what it would be like when Jesus walked with His disciples from village to village, sharing the Good News.  Pray that it will be a time of building relationships, studying the Sermon on the Mount, singing and fellowship together while camping along the way.

2 thoughts on “July – Ministry and Family

  1. Good to get this update but still would like an answer to my previous questions =
    What kind of internship is Sarah going to do.? Is she at the Phantom Camp now?

    1. Yes, Gwen. She is also working at the camp in Wisconsin this summer as the Craft Director. She wanted to earn some money towards her internship until she leaves in August. She plans to work at the POC compound – the SIL training center for those going to work in PNG. She will assist where needed and help with the children’s program.

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