Thank you for praying for Ron’s trip down to the coast for the construction.  It’s already over a week since he came back from the west side and he is already down on the east side of the mountains this week for his regular bi-monthly jungle trip.

Ron wanted to make sure we shared some of the photos of his time down there.  He took three Cofans and some other folks connected with his Thursday morning Bible study here in Quito.  They were able to help encourage the church in that little village with their help laboring alongside the families rebuilding their homes and having some special church services for the adults and children.  One of the biggest blessings to those doing the construction was Ron taking his electric saw down to help.  They only had one for a project that was 24 houses and now has blossomed to over 60!  With the extra saw, they were able to split into two teams and work on two homes instead of one getting twice as much done.  Ron left his saw down there, knowing it will be a blessing to this community.


An example of some of the houses that fell in the earthquake
A gift of used clothing donated to the church to help out
Teaching a Bible lesson to the children of Mompiche.  As many as 70 showed up!
One of the families that received a new house and cooked meals for the team
This family with 9 children was receiving this house (now finished!)
Ramon preaching in one of the church services
Ron and the team

Continue to pray for this little community.

Pray for Ron as he visits the Cofan communities this week.  He is helping with a delicate situation for one family this week, so especially covets your prayers.

Pray for Aaron this coming Sunday as he will be traveling by himself to the States to visit Ethan and Leanne in Washington for almost two weeks.

Continue to pray for Sarah as she is waiting for just ONE item to finish her visa work for her internship.  The time is coming close for her to leave for Papua New Guinea, so she has been a bit anxious that everything come together.  If you are interested in supporting her with prayer or a gift, please ask for her contact information.

Lydia is finishing up her time in Africa and will be back in the States mid-July for a few months.  She is praying about taking another position helping missionary families with homeschooling.

Ethan and Leanne are also praying about and moving toward a short term in the Republic of the Congo in Africa.  They are looking at a departure date the end of September.  They would be helping a family with homeschooling and with the eye clinic/radio ministry there.

Isaac is doing well at work in Colorado and continuing with the process of entering college in the fall in Florida.  Julia is working hard at the camp in Wisconsin and praying about what the Lord might have for her next.

Thank you for your faithful prayers and support.  We are humbled and blessed with your interest in the work here in Ecuador and our family.


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