May Jungle Trip

Once again, thank you for your prayers and interest in the work here.  Ron was able to visit the three communities of Sinangue, Dureno and Dovuno last week.  The trip was not without its adventures as the first big flood of the rainy season hit while he was in Sinangue and he had to wait half-a-day longer for the river to go down before being able to move on to the next village as scheduled.

Ron met with the church leaders, children and did some house to house visiting while in Sinangue.

Sinangue children’s meeting at the church in May 2016

The biggest problem was getting our car back across a roadway when the river flooded, but with patience, the water receded enough that Ron was able to ford and get on his way.  Ron, Marcelo and David used their waiting time wisely and were able to visit with some of the local families and pray for some needs.

Waiting for the river’s side channel to go down to cross with our car May 2016

Ron’s visit to Dureno was shortened because of the flood, but he had some very good conversations with Wilson, one of the church leaders, as well as a few other families.

Then Ron had to go the back way (river was still flooding) to the village of Dovuno.  He had some good visits with the regular family (Maria and Umberto) that always offer hospitality to Ron and his co-workers, with the village children and other families.

Some late night relaxation after a busy day of ministry – SkipBo!

This trip was to help solidify a date and continue to inform the church leaders of the Ecuadorian Coast Post-Earthquake Building Project that Ron is putting together.  We will be collaborating with some other missionaries in the Mompiche area (was near the epicenter of the strong aftershocks of 6.7 and 6.8 felt here in Quito on May 18th).  The project is to build some houses for families that lost theirs in the big quake in April.  Our desire is to have some Cofans help out with this project and get some first hand experience helping and giving to others that have had everything taken in disaster.  Please PRAY!  Things are coming together and we already have had a good sized donation given towards building a new wood and bamboo house for a family.  More donations from some churches are to arrive in early June and that has helped set the date for the Project to be June 6th-11th.  We hope to have more to report in the coming days.

We thought you might enjoy some more photos of unusual jungle pets that some families keep here in the jungle:

Ron was able to get a few nice photos of some jungle flowers too.

Aaron, Andy Rogers and Esther are seeing the finish line for homeschooling for this 10th grade year.  We expect to finish around June 10th and then our summer schedule starts up. We are looking forward to some friends and family visits, a trip or two and whatever God brings our way.

Stay tuned for a project in the works for August…

Serving in Ecuador,

Ron, Esther and family

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