Earthquake, Sickness, a Trip, and Three Graduations

Thank you so much for your prayers this past month.  They were much needed as the Lord has been teaching us many things and our schedule has been so full.

First, Serafina’s third eye surgery went well and she and her husband and granddaughter Ruby are back in the jungle.  Thanks for praying.

I know we must have it on record here on this blog that Ecuador experienced a terrible 7.8 earthquake that centered at the coast.  We were in Quito at the time and it was a l – o – n – g earthquake!  We didn’t experience any damage at our house, but as most of you know the damage along the coastal areas was devastating.  Ron is planning a special project the end of the month involving the Cofan Church helping out with some rebuilding in the earthquake zone.  Stay tuned for an update on how this is coming together in the near future…

We celebrated Isaac’s highschool graduation on April 23rd with a Homeschool Family Picnic, sharing the celebration with our group’s other graduating senior and Isaac’s friend, Joshua Bierle.

The next week the Lord decided that three out of four of us needed another bout of sickness!  We still have a lingering cough from this and ask for prayer for the health of our family at this time.

May 1st Ron, Esther, Isaac and Aaron got on an airplane and headed to the States.  Our next big event was celebrating Ron’s dad’s 90th birthday with him, Rick and family.

Bub (Grandpa) Borman with five of his grandchildren on his 90th birthday

Next on the agenda was heading over to Dubuque, IA for Sarah and Julia’s graduation from Emmaus Bible College.  Sarah graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Bible and Intercultural Studies – magna cum laude.  Julia graduated with an Associate’s degree in Secondary Education.  Both are headed to work in Wisconsin for the summer at camp.

And some more…

And one final one of our three graduates this year!


A photo of family before we returned to Ecuador…


And we are back in Ecuador – at least Ron, Esther and Aaron are.  Besides Thursday morning Bible study, our first big activity was Homeschool Teen Fellowship on Friday evening May 13: Campfire Night!


Stay tuned for more news from the Borman Broadcast!



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