Purim, Unexpected Side Trips, and Pterygium

Therefore, we are ambassadors for Christ, God making his appeal through us.  We implore you on behalf of Christ, be reconciled to God.  2 Corinthians 5:20

This was the theme for our Homeschool Teen Fellowship retreat this past month and as we continue to reflect on this verse again this month, it is very humbling.  God uses US to make His appeal to others.  How many times do we fail to be good ambassadors for Him?  I am thankful He doesn’t give up on us, but continues to give us opportunities to share Christ with others.

First, a quick peek at the Purim party we had with our homeschooled teens last week. We have fun with some of the Purim traditions – with costumes, contests, and acting out the story of Esther.  This year, one of our homeschooled teens wrote the script for our group to act out.

We have such a creative group!  It is hard for us leaders to keep up with them…we do our best to set good examples.  🙂

Part of our impromptu play:  Photo 1 – Haman suggesting to King Xerxes how best to reward someone; Photo 2 – Haman being arrested at Queen Esther’s banquet.

Ron just returned from a quick trip to Dureno, Dovuno and Sinangue.  He came back very encouraged after some great conversations with folks in Dureno.  Continue praying for the church there and the hearts of the Christians, especially for “S” who desires a closer walk with the Lord – to be “reconciled”.

One unexpected part of the trip was in Dureno.  With the government building a “Millennium City” housing project in the village, there is a barge currently employed to take supplies, people and equipment across the river.  Ron was able to get permission to take our car across the river with him and for the FIRST TIME EVER he drove our car right up to our jungle house!


I hope to post the video Ron had taken from the car as it drives from the barge at the river, through the “Millennium City” being built, all the way to our house.  Keep tuned in…

Ron had a GREAT group helping him on this trip:  Ramon, Nataly, Diana and Marcelo – God’s Ambassadors!


Here are a few ministry photos AND one with a child with her “pet” baby caiman!


On the way home, Ron said they met up with this – traffic backed up for a couple miles!  This usually means there was a landslide on the road, and since this is “the road” to the area of the jungle where we work, that means waiting sometimes for hours.


It also means that sometimes you just decide to pull the car over and explore the nearby countryside for a while.

On this trip Ron brought Serafina again to Quito for her third eye surgery.  She had it this morning, and there were a few complications.  Pray for her eye, for complete healing.  She started out with three pterygium and the first two were removed successfully late last year, but the eyes had to completely heal before the third could be removed.

Ramon, Dra. Chiriboga, and Serafina taken Nov. 2015

Thank you for your faithful prayers.  This month will continue to be full with Bible studies, another jungle trip, homeschool activities, possible mountain climb and graduation party!

5 thoughts on “Purim, Unexpected Side Trips, and Pterygium

  1. Ron, you probably don’t remember me. I served as an agricultural missionary in 1973 at Limoncocha when you were growning up. I’ve continued to support your parents. I talked to your mom the day before she died. I got the link to your BORMANBROADCAST from Roy Gleason. I would like to be notified when new entries are available, but I’m not sure how to do that. It was great fun seeing the photos of you and your family, and your work. I remember you with great fondness. Continued love and blessings, Pat Erwin Zandstra

    1. Hello! This is Esther, Ron’s wife. I would be happy to add your email to our emailing list as I will occasionally send out a reminder to check our blog. Ron said he does remember the Zandstras! We will keep in touch. Esther and Ron

  2. I miss Purim!! Your costumes look awesome!! I love that picture of the baby caiman 😀 We’ll be praying for S and Serafina 🙂

    1. We missed you guys at the Purim party this year! Thanks for your prayers. Serafina had the patch taken off her eye yesterday and so far things are healing just fine.

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