March Happenings

This has been a busy month for us.  As shown in the previous post, we had our Homeschool Teen Fellowship Annual Retreat!  The next event in the month was Esther’s birthday:


The next day, Ron took off for a jungle trip to the Cofan villages of Dovuno and Sinangue.  He met up with two helpers on his way to Dovuno, and Marcelo and David were a wonderful help and encouragement.


Ron was able to have some good conversations with folks and was greatly encouraged with the large turnout for the house service in Dovuno.  Keep praying for that village as our desire is to eventually plant a church there, in God’s timing.


We thought you might enjoy seeing some of the local exotic pets folks enjoy in the villages – a Coatimundi and Spix’s Guan


On Ron, Marcelo and David’s way up to Sinangue, they met a group of the village folk along the road harvesting leaves to decorate for their Chonta Fruit Festival.  Ron was able to help out with transporting the leaves to the river crossing to the village of Sinangue.

They met with the people there, with both a children’s hour and then a time with the adults.  So thankful for the recent gift of crayons sent from some friends in the States!


I’ll leave off this post with a recent photo of Reventador, the active Ecuadorian volcano in the northeastern jungle that doesn’t make the news often like Tungarahua and Cotopaxi, though it is almost constantly active.  It is closest to the village of Sinangue, though not close enough to be a danger.

Reventador – photo taken March 2016

Pray for our health as some of us have been hit by a virus this month that has caused some “enforced” rest.  We are thankfully back on the mend, and hoping that those who haven’t had it yet, get passed by.  Thank you for your prayers.

I also encourage you to check our our daughter Lydia’s blog:  and her latest adventures in Africa!

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