January Journeys

Thank you for your faithful prayers for our family and the ministry here in Ecuador.  The theme of this post is about Journeys and (hopefully) some of you are interested to hear how the visit to Chispa went last week.  Here are some photos to share the view of the trail, vistas and ministry:

Ramon’s nephew, Wider, is the school teacher for this tiny village nestled in the foothills of the Andes Mountains.  He was the one who invited Ramon and some of the other church leaders form Sinangue, Ron and Washington to come visit.  After a sometimes straight uphill 3 hour hike in, the guys spent time building relationships with the people playing soccer and then having a service where each of the guys shared a testimony with the people.  Ron encouraged Wider to start a Bible study with some of the folks, so pray for Wider and possible future trips by the Sinangue church leaders to this tiny Cofan hamlet.

Soccer game
Church service in Chispa
Front of one of the houses in Chispa and their magnificent view

We continue to enjoy meeting with our Homeschool Teen Fellowship group every-other-Friday night and this past week we had Medieval Night.  Continue to pray as we plan for the annual spring retreat March 3-6 at the beach with these special young people.

One of our tools we use for our Journeys is our trusty old Mitsubishi.  The end of last week it decided to change on its own from an automatic transmission to a standard shift!!  Soooo…we are headed back to the transmission mechanic once again.  The mechanic took it for a drive this morning and the comments were “Que raro!”  (How strange!)  The shop was full today so we have to wait until the end of the week to start any work on the car.  Keep praying!  We know God has a plan for all this, so we are trusting in Him.  We do have a car fund started for purchasing another, so if you are interested in helping out you can send a gift to Christian Missions in Many Lands.



2 thoughts on “January Journeys

  1. Esther, Thanks for you e-mail updating on your communications and your blog is very interesting and the photos are wonderful of your beautiful land. Thanks you for what you are doing for the Lord in your service to the Cofan’s and to those unreached.
    Mitt Mittelberg

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