February Ministry and Family Update


First off, please pray for our vehicle.  The last few weeks we have been praying a LOT for wisdom to know exactly what options we have for fixing the transmission in our car and what is the best one.  Our car is really important in our ministry here and with ours “undriveable” right now, we are so thankful for the temporary use of another missionary’s car until March.  Please join us in prayer!

With our car “out of commission”, Ron has had to cancel two trips to the jungle the last few weeks.  We are disappointed, but know that God has a reason for this.  Ron keeps in contact with the Cofans by cell phone, and we do have to admit that we have had to buy extra minutes the last few months to cover the extra phone time.  We are thankful for technology!

Meanwhile, we have been putting more time and planning into our fourth annual Homeschool Teen Fellowship retreat coming up March 3-6.  Pray for us and the kids as we anticipate having about 20-25 homeschooled teens attend for the three night retreat at the Ecuadorian coast.

Homeschool Teen Fellowship Retreat 2015 in Calacali, Ecuador

One of Ron’s ministry helpers, Washington, is moving with his wife Doris and youngest son Mateo to Puyo, Ecuador, this coming weekend.  He will be helping out another missionary with work-teams, running a work-team house and planning trips into the central jungle for the teams.  Pray for him and his family during this time of transition and taking on more responsibility in ministry.

Washington and Doris

Homeschooling is going fine.  Our 10th grade students, Andy Rogers and our son Aaron, are coming right along in their studies this year.  Isaac is in 12th grade and we are planning a graduation celebration the end of April for him!  Isaac is interested in attending Pensacola Christian College in the fall and is looking for a summer job to help with expenses.  Pray for him (and our daughter Julia) as they look for summer work.

The three Maranata Academy homeschool amigos! Thursday is their favorite day of the week – Batido (milkshake) Day!

Our daughter Sarah is graduating from Emmaus Bible College in May with a bachelor’s degree in Intercultural Studies.  She still needs to complete her internship this summer and is working on the details for one in Papua New Guinea.  We hope to have some more information to share with you on this soon!  Pray for Sarah in the coming months as she seeks God’s will in her life.

Julia is also graduating from Emmaus Bible College in May with an Associates degree in Education.  She is interested in transferring to another college in the fall, but won’t hear if she gets accepted until April.  She (and Isaac) are looking for summer jobs to help with college expenses.  Pray for her, as she seeks God’s will in her life.

From left to right: Julia, Aaron, Isaac, Leanne, Ethan, Sarah (just missing Lydia in this one!)

Ethan and Leanne continue their work for the schools in and around Ritzville, WA, and as youth pastor at a church in town.  Ethan is taking off this coming Saturday Feb. 6 for a week in Orlando, FL for training with Wycliffe Associates!  He and Leanne are praying about the opportunities the Lord might bring their way this summer after the training.

Lydia continues with her 9-12 month commitment in Africa, homeschooling for a missionary family while they are in language studies.  She loves her time with the kids and the periodic trips into the city and countryside, learning about new cultures and the sub-Saharan environment.  She has been able to get in on some French and Arabic studies, make new friends and meet many missionaries that work in the area

A pesky ostrich on a camp-out in Africa

Thank you for your emails and notes of encouragement, prayers and gifts of support.  With three graduations coming up in April/May, pray with us as we consider a quick trip to the mid-west in early May to celebrate graduation with our daughters and a 90th birthday with Ron’s dad, Bub Borman!

2 thoughts on “February Ministry and Family Update

  1. Enjoying following all the changes in the lives of the Bormans, also praying for the vehicle situation. You all are the best. 🙂

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