A new Cofan village recently came on our radar.  The name of it is Chispa, which in Spanish means “spark”.  It is a small group of Cofans that have migrated from Colombia to Ecuador and have started a small village upriver from Sinangue.  Ramon, one of the church leaders from Sinangue, has been in contact with some of the folks there and they have invited the church leaders from Sinangue to visit their village.  Ramon talked to Ron and invited him to come along.  They will be visiting this village in the near future.  Will you pray with us about this?  Ramon is going to take the Cofan dubbed “Jesus” movie up to show the people.  He found out they only have generator power and a TV and DVD player, but that is all we need to show the movie.  Since it is a first visit and a hike to get in, they are going to keep the load down by not carrying a lot of equipment.

Ramon preaching in the Sinangue church

Another recent development and answer to prayer involves Dureno.  They had the village president election in December and our long time friend Silverio became the president!  The Christians of that village gave a sigh of relief!  We aren’t sure of the location yet, but we are hoping to rebuild the church building this year – something that didn’t look possible with the other “administration”.  Pray for the folks in Dureno and the hope to rebuild their chapel.

On the homeschool front, we have set a time and place for our next annual Homeschool Teen Fellowship Retreat!  We will be having a time at the Ecuadorian beach from March 3-6.  Pray for us as we put together all the details for this much anticipated event.

HTF group January 8, 2016
HTF January 8, 2016 – playing “Seated Basketball”

Continue to pray for our vehicle needs.  We have a fund started towards finding something “new”.

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