Update on Eye Surgery

We appreciate your prayers for Ramon.  He was able to have his surgery this afternoon, September 21st, on the second eye.  Continue to pray for complete healing.

Day of surgery #2
Day of surgery #2

2 thoughts on “Update on Eye Surgery

  1. Esther,
    I just become aware of Ramon’s eye surgery and prayed for him just now.
    I received your e-mail update but confess that with Ginny’s first cousin visiting
    yesterday, a TWR missionary servicing in Africa for many years visited us yesterday
    for the afternoon and evening. Her cousin Charles was in maintenance and
    built and service short wave towers in Swaziland and South Africa and surrounding
    countries. They are now in Cary, SC and in charge of maintenance and still making
    trip overseas to help with big maintenance challenges. We have supported them
    since they went overseas and they will be retiring in a couple years. It has been about
    5 years since we had seen them.
    PS I just got your reply, thank you so much!

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