Prayer Update – Eye Surgery for S.

Please pray for Marcelo’s mom who arrived from the jungle yesterday and will be receiving surgery on her left eye this afternoon (October 7th).  The Pterygium has grown across the cornea, so we are praying that there is no permanent damage.  Pray for Dra. Chiriboga as she does the surgery and for Serafina as she heals.  Depending on how quickly the first eye heals, they will then do the surgery on the right eye.  The second eye has two Pterigium growing from both sides and will require two separate surgeries.

Ramon, Luciano, (grandchild), and Serafina waiting at the eye doctor's office
Ramon, Luciano, (grandchild), and Serafina waiting at the eye doctor’s office

We are thankful for the folks who donated to this project.  We are happy to be able to play a small part in helping these people receive the medical care they need for better eyesight.

Ramon will have one more follow-up in two weeks for his eyes.  So far, everything is going well and he is very thankful for the improved vision.

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