September Update

Thank you for your faithful prayers, gifts of support and words of encouragement.  The interest you show in the Lord work here in Ecuador is a blessing and we give Him all the glory!

Some of you have been praying for Ramon.  He received the first eye surgery on September 10th and it is healing well.  On Monday or Tuesday of this week (Sept. 21st or 22nd) Ramon will receive the second surgery.  We were blessed with finding Doctora Alma Chiriboga who is doing the surgeries at a reduced price as a service to the Lord!  The money raised while we were in the States for Ramon’s surgery will now help two people!  We will be bringing Serafina, Ramon’s aunt and Marcelo’s mom who has an even more advanced case of Pterygium, to Quito in early October to start the process for surgery.  Please pray with us for Ramon and Serafina, their eye surgeries and for complete healing.

Marcelo and Ramon dressed up for the last day of recording "Jesus"
Marcelo and Ramon 

Marcelo has started up his studies again at the Bible school.  If you would like to help with his tuition, you can send a donation to:

Ecuadorian Harvest Ministries

20005 NE Redmond Rd.

Redmond, WA  98053

Send a note with it stating the donation is for Marcelo – Cofan Bible student.

Jungle visits, Bible studies, Sunday classes and homeschool activities have all started up and keep our calendar full.  Pray with us as we prepare, teach and assist in these activities and that the Lord will continue to be glorified.

Homeschool Teen Fellowship Sept. 18 - Paper Night!
Homeschool Teen Fellowship Sept. 18 – Paper Night!

Continue to pray for the Cofan village of Dureno with all the changes happening there with the government housing project being built.  We still aren’t sure about the status of a church building in Dureno and the believers continue to meet in homes to fellowship.  Upcoming village visits to pray for:  Sept. 23-26 and Oct. 4-6.

P1020052 P1020053 P1020050

(Photos of Dureno construction taken September 2015 – Changing the “face” of Dureno)

Our daughter Lydia is on her way to Africa to help a family who are in language training for the next school year.  She will be homeschooling their three children (Kindergarten, 2nd grade and 4th grade) and help the other families on the “team” with their tots.  Her ticket is purchased and she is getting prepared to fly out October 21st.  Pray that her renewed passport will arrive soon so visa work can be started!  Check out her blog:


Our son Ethan and his wife Leanne are doing well in Washington state.  They continue to work with the youth at a little church in Ritzville, WA and Leanne is working at the middle school this year.  Ethan got a full-time job at a nearby Hutterite community, teaching the highschool students in a little two-room school house.  He was hoping for a “cross-cultural” experience and he was given one closer to “home” than he expected!

Sarah and Julia are working very hard this semester at Emmaus Bible College.  They have very full class schedules and work part-time jobs.  We look forward to seeing them at Christmas this year as well as Ethan and Leanne!

Pressing on,

Ron, Esther and family

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