Finishing the Course Part 2

Saturday the 29th of September, the family and friends of Marlytte Bub Borman gathered to see off their father, grandfather and friend. Memories were shared through words and photos.  The folks at First Baptist Church of Newaygo, Michigan were so kind as about 30 family members gathered at Ron’s brother Rick’s house for two days to a week.  They supplied many delicious, nourishing meals for us all.  THANK YOU!

With 30 family members getting together, some not having seen each other for several years, there was a lot of photographs taken.  We thought we would share a few:

Whole Family with Isaac
Borman Clan (minus Felipe, Gisela, Nigel, Amelia, Jeremiah, Emmy and Mike) September 29, 2018
Randy Family 2
Randy and sons Federico and Joshua
Larson Family 2
Sheri and Allen’s family with Kendra, Thomas and Peter
Rick Family 2
Rick and Sue’s family: Greg and Sarah; Justin; Rachelle and Evelyn; Evan, Alisha, Daniel and Christina
Ron Family with Isaac (1)
Ron and Esther’s family: Lydia; Ethan and Leanne; Sarah; Julia and Paul; Isaac and Aaron (Our family hasn’t been all together since Ethan and Leanne’s wedding about 3 1/2 years ago)

Of course we had some “just for fun” photos like a line-up by age of all of Bub’s grand-kids who were present:

From left to right and around the corner:  Greg, (Felipe), Lydia, Justin, Federico, Ethan, Rachelle, Sarah, Evan, Joshua, Julia, Kendra, Alisha, Isaac, Thomas, Aaron, Daniel, Peter,  Christina and (Jeremiah)

There seems to be a tradition for the Borman men and beards…

Men with beards
Borman Beards 2018

And for the girls/women, the tradition is l-o-n-g braids!


One of many music specials at the memorial service.  Singing in English and Cofan the hymn “How Great Thou Art”
Cousins on Bobbie’s (Ron’s mom) side:  Phil and Elizabeth Lewis, daughter Rebecca Mallay and four of her five children (Arwen and her dad Seth were not able to attend)
  • Pray for Aaron as we drop him off at Ecola Bible College tomorrow – Sunday the 7th of October.  Classes begin on October 8th.
  • Pray for Ron, Esther and Sarah as we fly down to Ecuador on Thursday October 11th and get back into the work with Bible studies, youth groups, Sunday school and jungle ministries.
  • For the printing of the Cofan/Spanish New Testament at Biblica being made.
  • For Esther’s mom, Rita, as she continues to heal from her knee replacement surgery.
  • Keep praying for Arwen (Ron’s first cousin’s grand-daughter) as she recovers from surgery to remove a tumor from her spine and will soon start a new treatment round for cancer.



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