Summer Opportunities

We so much appreciate your prayers for us!  So far our time here in the States has been an interesting mix of rest, activity and sharing about what God is doing in Ecuador.  We have enjoyed reconnecting with family and friends and making new memories – God has been SO good!

We thought we would connect with you all with some prayer needs from Ecuador and while we are here in the States.  Thanks for your interest in the work.  It is an encouragement to us.

One of our main items of prayer this summer is for the continuing work on the Cofan/Spanish New Testament.  Enma sent us a Facebook message about two weeks ago saying she was starting the third grammar/spelling check on the Cofan.  We are hoping all the checks and corrections can be made during these months we are in the States, so we can get right to the printing on our return to Ecuador in September.

Another prayer item is for the church in the Cofan village of Dureno.  After the government building project people bulldozed the church building for the “new” village, they were unwilling to replace it.  A new plot of ground has now been chosen to build and has started to be cleared.  Pray for Wilson (in the picture above meeting with other Believers in his home) and the Church in Dureno and their desire for a new more permanent meeting place.


God has blessed us with a great vehicle to use while we are here in the States.  Pray for our travels from July 6 – August 10 (see previous blog post for an approximate schedule).  We will then be spending the last month of our time in the States in the Albany, OR area.


Continue to pray for our son Aaron as he looks to what the Lord has for him and his future.  He is still looking toward attending Bible school in the fall.

If you need to reach us in the next few months while we are in the States, you can send us mail at:

1924 Columbus Pl. SE

Albany, OR  97322

or you can call us at:



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