Taking a Break…Kinda

Hello, everyone!  If you haven’t figured it out already, we are Stateside now for the next several months.  These last few weeks have been so busy trying to “get our feet on the ground” and help Aaron set some things set up.  We are still in the midst of summer job hunting for him and fall college paperwork.

Aaron M. Borman 2018 home-school graduate!

Ron’s already shared at a men’s Saturday morning breakfast and at one of our sending churches here in Albany, OR on a Sunday morning.  Esther’s spoke at a Tuesday evening women’s ministry meeting.  God has been so good to provide these opportunities to tell about the work in Ecuador, and we look forward to sharing some more.

We’ve also had some fun family times already.  First there was Mother’s Day.  Esther was having a real hard time remembering when she last spent Mother’s Day with her mom.  It’s been a L – O – N – G time!

Mother’s Day 2018 – Esther with two of her siblings and her mom

Esther’s three siblings live in the Albany area, so we have been having fun spending time with them and their spouses and nieces and nephews!

Aaron and his Uncle Pete
Esther and her mom reminiscing over family history with Esther’s nephew Matthew and niece Kayla at an ancestry website

Nothing like the Oregon countryside in May!


Ron’s managed to fit in a fishing trip with Esther’s two brothers and some of the sons
Aaron, Matthew, Pete, Andy and Ron

We got to the races one night to watch Esther’s nephew Tom and his high school car club race around the track.




Esther’s niece Leah had a high school choir concert we were privileged to attend.


Esther’s sister Suzanne’s oldest son Tom will be graduating this year as well as her brother Pete’s youngest daughter Leah.  Our calendar is full of baccalaureates, grad parties and graduations now for the next 10 days.  It’s a treat to be able to share these special times with family!  Aaron and Tom will be having a combined graduation party on Sunday 3 June in the afternoon.  If you are interested in attending and seeing Aaron, Ron and Esther, please let us know.  We would love to visit with you.  The party will be held in Jefferson, OR.

We are going to add some of our schedule here.  If we will be in your area, or close to your area, let us know and we will see if we can work out a visit.

June 9th – Des Moines, WA at Des Moines Bible Chapel, Northwest Missionary Prayer Focus

June 30th – Portland, OR at Eastgate Bible Chapel, Global Challenge

July 1st – Salem, OR

July 8th – Ritzville, WA

July 11th – Champaign, IL

July 12th – 18th – Bailey, MI

July 18th – 19th – Akron, OH

July 20th – 21st – Harrisburg, PA area

July 23rd and 28th – 29th – Pensacola, FL area

July 24th – 27th – Williamstown, KY

July 30th – Aug. 5th – Dallas, TX

Aug. 6th – Abilene, TX

Aug. 6th- 7th – Las Cruces, NM

Aug. 8th-9th – Utah

Aug. 11th – Albany, OR

Sept. 12th – Return to Ecuador

These are only approximate dates and places and subject to change.  🙂

3 thoughts on “Taking a Break…Kinda

  1. Hey Ron!! Give me a call when your in Harrisburg!! Not too far from there and maybe we could hook up for dinner?

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    Sounds like a winner to me. I passed the Harrisburg timing to mom. Let's see if they can organise it. Bonnie may have been informed, but I'll link it to her as well.

    Love and success! Greet all of the youth going to life's second stage. ❤

    Michael Boyer

  3. Love to see you guys. I will ask Shirley and Mom and let them know the date. And everything and let you know. If you want to call my mom. Her phone number is 717-599-7328. Would be great to see you. 😊

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