March Prayer Update

Photo taken Jan. 2015
Photo taken Jan. 2015

Dear friends,

Thank you so much for your prayers and gifts of support the past months.  We appreciate the interest shown in the ministry here and God has shown us that He knows what we need even before we do!

Ron and Ramon were able to spend 8 days in the downriver village of Zabalo in February.  Ron was helping his brother out and both were able to visit some of the believers and work with the kids. It always takes more effort to visit this out of the way village, and we are thankful for the opportunity that God provided.  Adventures for Ron on this trip were camping during a flood and getting bit by a little caiman!

Please remember the believers in the church in Dureno.  Many changes are coming to the village with a gov’t housing project in the works.  The Dureno Church building will have to be torn down and the leaders are looking at the options for a new building.  Pray for wisdom as decisions are made.

Our trusty Mitsubishi has been having a LOT of problems these last several months – suspension, brakes, battery and now transmission.  Ron was hoping to go down to the villages yesterday over the next several days, but the car problems forced a change of plans.


Continue to pray for our Bible school student, Marcelo.  If you would like to help with the monthly cost of his schooling (about $120 a month) you can send a gift to:

Ecuadorian Harvest Ministries

20005 NE Redmond Rd

Redmond, WA  98053

(Write the check out to Ecuadorian Harvest Ministries with a note attached with: Cofan Bible student Marcelo.)

Furlough plans continue to come together:

Arrive in Chicago May 5 – pick up a car in Michigan

Arrive in Dubuque, IA May 8 to pick up Sarah and Julia

Arrive in Ritzville, WA May 12 for Ethan and Leanne’s wedding on

May 16.  (Help our new in-laws with a roofing project.)

Arrive in Albany, OR around May 26 (Attend two graduations, a

niece’s wedding and help Esther’s mom with a roofing project.)

Head back east around July 8

Visit Latigo Ranch in Colorado July 12-18

Arrive in Michigan around July 22 (Help Ron’s brother with roofing


Return to Ecuador August 4

We still have some refining of our schedule to do, but this gives you a rough idea.  If you would like us to share at your church about the work here or just want to meet for coffee sometime, let us know.

Family news:  Sarah and Julia are looking for jobs for this coming summer.  Pray they can find some that will help with the cost of college in the fall.  Lydia is taking a new job in Vermont and will be starting up in June.  Pray for her transition back to the States after working here in Ecuador as a secretary for two years with Compassion Int.  Pray for Ethan and Leanne too as they look for what the Lord would have them to do after marriage.  They are looking into some organizations like Torchbearers that work overseas.


~ Ron, Esther and family

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