Answer to prayer over-night! December 6th


I just had to share how God worked since I posted our newsletter on here last night.  There was a glitch that wouldn’t allow me to post the blog on Facebook and I was kinda frustrated.  Already the letter had taken longer to publish that day with all the interruptions and I was also late getting it out.  I decided to wait until today to send it out by email and post the blog on Facebook.

Most of you know that we rarely have mentioned the need for funding, but with the special opportunity for the Jesus film project this year we put out the needs for the film rights and estimated need for transporting the feeding the 13-15 Cofan villagers for the project.  We know that often people take an interest in special projects like this and thought we would put it out there.

We were blown away this morning by an email we received through our mission organization (sent late last night after we went to bed), Christian Missions in Many Lands.  Sometimes people choose to communicate through the mission to us, and they now have it set up to forward communications like this.  A group in the Pacific Northwest read our newsletter last month mentioning the Jesus film project opportunity and they decided to send a special gift to fund it – and the amount was over and above what we were mentioning in the newsletter that was going out!  Needless to say, we had tears in our eyes as we shared with our kids this morning at breakfast at yet another example of how God answers prayer in our lives.

The organization that is offering the Jesus film project dubbing, has other films that it does.  One especially caught our eye – a film on the book of Genesis!  We are hoping that the funding that we received will allow us to do a second project later in the year.

We knew we just had to share this with you, so you could share in our joy!

May God get the glory!

Ron, Esther and family


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