Year End

Many of us are looking forward to this year’s end…or maybe the end of the challenges this year has brought us. Hopefully this has been a time for you, as it has been for us, to spend quality time in the Word and maybe catch up with some projects or relationships that have fallen by the wayside.

November was a busy time. With our church opening up for “in person” meetings, Bible studies on Zoom, youth meetings and the jungle ministry – the Lord continues to work. We only had a few friends over for Thanksgiving this year, which felt strange. I don’t think we have had that few around our table since back in the early days of our marriage and we lived in the jungle! But we did have an enjoyable time and appreciated the more one-on-one time with friends.

Our Homeschool Teen Fellowship meetings have been well attended and the teens are so happy there is some place to meet up with their friends. We had our annual Christmas party last evening with our quota of twenty-five full, a Nativity Mystery to solve, turkey meal and gift exchange. My heart was filled with joy to hear the happy voices and laughter. God is good!

Ron returned earlier this week from a eight day trip (November 30 – December 7th) to the jungle for the Cofan Christmas Celebrations. It was an enjoyable week and included Samaritan Purse Shoeboxes for several of the communities that the team visited. The team was made of Ron, Washington, two “interns” we have visiting right now from the States – Joseph and Scott, another missionary family – Michael and Sarah Small and their four kids (Jacob and Natalie are in our youth groups), and Aurelio, Ramon, Dora and Daniel from Sinangue.

The trip went well. The first day was a stop in the non-Cofan town of Caveno. Some of you remember Enma, one of Bub and Bobbie’s main Bible translation helpers. She and her three daughters live in this little town almost directly across from the Cofan village of Sinangue. This was the first place we were able to share Samaritan Purse Shoeboxes. Thank you to all of you out there that put these together faithfully each year. The joy the delight on the faces of these children and parents is real! It also gives us a chance to get the gospel out there again to families in these remote places.

Sinangue was the next village the team visited. They had an evening service, time with the kids and a baptism! Pray for Mario and Erica, a young couple who have been desiring to follow the Lord more seriously and took that step of obedience in baptism.

The team then went on to the Cofan village of Dovuno, where once again they were able to give out Shoeboxes and the gospel.

Then it was off to Dureno. The first celebration was in the little downriver satellite Cofan village of Totoa Nai’ qui. There were enough Samaritan Shoeboxes left over from the larger villages that the team decided to give them to the children in this tiny settlement.

The week finished with a special celebration in Dureno on Sunday. Church services started at 7 a.m. with singing and preaching and then moved down to the river for a baptism of forty-nine people! The church service continued with communion and then they had a break for a REAL village potluck. Then they had some games and competitions ending the day with an evening church service. What a special time! I’m sure Ron’s parents were rejoicing from heaven to see the growth of this church happening during this very difficult year for most people in the world.

Thank you for praying along with us during this week of ministry. We once again want to mention that we post almost weekly (or daily during a special event) on our Facebook ministry page. Facebook is also where we post current prayer requests and how God answers them. Look for “Borman Broadcast” and ask to be added.

The next few weeks we will continue with our Bible studies on Zoom. Christmas will be a quiet one for us this year with just our daughter Sarah with us and our two interns Joseph and Scott coming and going. The rest of our kids will be in eastern Washington, including Isaac flying in from Pensacola and Lydia flying in from Mexico for a few weeks. The family are all doing well and of course we always look forward to Facetime and photos of our little granddaughter Rosemarie!

January will bring another baptism in the Cofan village of Zabalo! Ron tries to get down to that distant village once or twice a year (he did NOT get down there for 2020), so we will be sure to post this special coming event.

God is working!

Christmas blessings from our home to yours

One thought on “Year End

  1. Praise God for your ministry! May God continue to bless all of you and your ministry for His glory. I pray for you every day. Denise

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