End of Year Doings, Travels, and Announcement

Looks like we left off our last blog in October with the work team and national strike, so we will start off in November with a jungle trip and attending Ramon and Dora’s wedding in the village of Sinangue. It was a lovely God honoring wedding. Ramon called in one of his Bible Institute friends to officiate, and David did a wonderful job.

We also finished the work on the roof for our house. Remember the work team from October? They raised funds for the materials for a new roof for our home and we were able to get that project completed. The old roof was the original from when the house was built in the late 70’s, and served the house well. We gave it away to some friends and it will be re-purposed for a few chicken houses in the area.

We hosted two home school youth group meetings, using the new “fire pit” for one meeting and had “Early Christmas” for the other.

We also hosted a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration with some of our missionary and expat friends:

Thanksgiving 2019

December 2 – 5, Ron headed down with a team of eight others for a special time of Christmas celebration. They had some fun games with the kids, a skit for everyone and showed the Overcomer movie in Spanish. It was well received and really spoke to several people. Thank you for your prayers and support that helps put together something special like this.

December 9th, the three of us (Ron, Esther and Sarah) left for the States! It has been eight years since we spent Christmas in the States with Esther’s family in Oregon and we decided with just one parent left here on earth, it was time to go up and make some Christmas memories again. Also, we will have all six of our kids (with a few spouses). It has been six years since we were all together for Christmas. We are looking forward to a special time with Esther’s mom on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. We will be taking many photos, so stay tuned!

Last but not least is an exciting announcement for our family. Lord willing, we will become grandparents in May 2020!! Julia and Paul are expecting and we are very much looking forward to being grandparents. So far the pregnancy is going well, but as always we appreciate your prayers.

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