More February Events

Ron and I were able to both visit the Cofan village of Sinangue and the town across the river of Cabeno.  We were invited to attend the wedding of Enma Chica’s daughter Gladys Esther Yepez and Juan Carlos Guerrero in Cabeno.  Enma was a very close Cofan friend of the family who helped Ron’s parents with the first translation of the New Testament.  It is custom here to get married legally and then save up your money for a big church wedding later.  It was this event that we were invited to attend and be padrinos at the wedding.  It was a beautiful wedding – one of the nicest we have attended here in Ecuador – with the ceremony based on Scripture and the reception truly God honoring.  And we won’t leave out fun!

The entrance to the church in Cabeno decorated by the family and women at the church with local orchids and other real  and paper flowers
Enma Chica, Nataly Bustamante and I waiting for the wedding to start
Parent’s of the groom, Juan Carlos Guerrero
Enma and I waiting for our cues to head into the church
Esther Yepez and Juan Carlos Guerrero with their little daughter Jessy Esther
Jessy Esther

We didn’t just attend a wedding while we were there.  We used some of our time to cross the river to Sinangue and hold a children’s program:


Ron having some of the kids practice reading their Cofan Bible verse on the coloring page.

Great group of kids attending the Bible Club

We enjoyed meeting with the Sinangue Church on Sunday morning.  Good singing and preaching!

Omar the music leader loves congregational singing and encouraging others to participate with special music
Ramon preaching God’s Word – sermon subject: what the Bible has to say about trials and tribulations of those following Christ
Sunday morning February 25th at the Sinangue Church

Continue praying for these followers of Christ!

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