October Memories

Thank you for the prayers the past weeks.  It was a busy time for us.  Esther spent two weeks with her mom, visiting friends and family, going with her mom to doctor’s appointments and tests, and helping with her mom’s 80th birthday party!  It was a very fun and full time.

We attended a ladies lunch at Jefferson Baptist Church where my sister and family attends


Esther’s mom Rita, Gladus Dwire, Suzanne Dwire (Esther’s sister), Esther, Leanne (our daughter-in-law), and Julia


Esther was blessed to spend some time with Julia, Leanne and Ethan who drove down from Washington state.
A surprise visit during our birthday planning meeting – the Goodwin triplets!!! (Esther, Suzanne and Lorena holding these sweet blessings.)
Lunch with Gene and Gwen Zacharias – longtime family friends.  
Esther was privileged to watch her niece Leah (a senior this year) play high school volleyball and her nephew Thomas (also a senior) play football!

Below are a few photos of Esther’s mom’s birthday party:

While Esther was in Oregon realizing she only had a lousy camera phone and her Kindle for recording all these memories (sorry about the quality of these photos folks, but Ron, Sarah and Lydia are the family photographers and they weren’t on this trip!), Ron was celebrating his brother Randy’s birthday in Ecuador along with his brother Rick!

The three Borman brothers – Ron, Rick and Randy
Borman cousin’s getting together in Ecuador: L-R Sarah, Aaron, Philip, Gisela (Phil’s wife), Greg, Federico, Emmy (Fede’s wife) and Sarah (Greg’s wife)

Prayer requests:

Pray for Iter and Irene from Zabalo.  Iter is one of the church workers from the Zabalo church and they were here in Quito for the past two weeks trying to get some medical treatment for their 2 year old child.  None of the medications worked and little Romel passed away last Saturday.  Please pray for their family as they grieve the loss of their little one.

Pray for our Homeschool Teen Fellowship fundraiser we will be having this coming weekend.  This is something we have done for several years, to help raise some of the funds for the spring retreat we organize for the home-schooled teens.  We are having our Country Fair on Saturday October 21st with games, booths and bake sale table open for all the home school families and friends.  It is usually a pretty big event and the main fundraiser we have to help offset the cost of the retreat.

Pray for the visit this week that Irene Ridgeway and her daughter Christine Callahan is making here in Ecuador.  They are staying downstairs in our basement apartment and have pretty much had non-stop visitors!  It is wonderful to see how they are so loved by the people they have worked with these past many years.  They return back north to the U.S./Canada this Friday.  (Fun facts:  The Ridgeways built the house and developed the property we live on and their granddaughter Leanne married our son Ethan.)

Ron, Aurelio and their daughters Sarah, Nataly and Diana had the first planning meeting  last night for the Christmas Cofan Village Events in December.  Pray for things to come together for the message and celebration they feel led to bring across.  These three events (in three Cofan villages) will be held in early December.  If you would like to help make a contribution towards the travel and celebration costs, let us know.


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