Project – Homeschool Teen Retreat


On March 23-26 is our fifth annual Homeschool Teen Retreat!  This year we will be going to Camp Bellevue north of Quito in the small town of Tabacundo.  It is a facility run by some other fellow homeschoolers and it is a beautiful campus that can house and facilitate a large group.

What we are asking you to do is to pray for and possibly support this event.  First, please pray as we plan and pull together everything needed to run this three night/four day retreat.  Ron, Sarah, Julia and even Lydia are working hard on devotionals, quiet times, games, and all those many little things that need to come together.  Our desire is that this retreat will be God honoring and an encouragement spiritually to the kids.  Second, we expect to have 20-25 homeschooled teens attend this year.  We have set a price of $70 for each participant.  Some of our regular attenders have a parent in Bible school or have other financial restrictions.  If you would like to help sponsor one of the kids, you can do so by sending a gift to CMML before February 20th!  It can be a gift towards sponsoring a teen OR towards some of the supplies we will need to purchase for the many activities planned.  We have worked very hard to make this event as inexpensive as possible for those desiring to attend. The kids themselves helped raise around $250 last fall at a Homeschool Family Fair we held here on our property.

If you would like more information about how you can help, you can email us at: or just send a gift before February 20th to:


P.O. Box 13

Spring Lake, NJ 07762

OR use this link:

We receive 100% of all gifts sent to us.  Write out your tax deductible gift to Christian Missions in Many Lands with a note attached for “Ron Borman- retreat project”.

Here are photos of the last four retreats:

Same Beach Retreat March 2016
Homeschool Teen Fellowship Retreat 2015 in Calacali, Ecuador
Homeschool Fellowship Teen Retreat
Same Beach Retreat 2014
El Monte Retreat 2013


2 thoughts on “Project – Homeschool Teen Retreat

  1. Thanks for doing this…very impressive! What a great group to work with. Only God knows what He has planned for these people you have trained. We know that it will be good!

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