Once Every Four Years

This is an opportunity that arises only once every four years – a chance to post on February 29th!  I better seize the opportunity and tell you about our busy week ahead and request your prayers for us and our Fourth Annual Retreat for the homeschooled teens.

Homeschool Teen Fellowship Ping-Pong Tournament Night – February 19, 2016

Pray for the group of 21 students attending the retreat at the Ecuadorian coast March 3-6 this year.  We have a wonderful place to hold our annual event – right on the beach – that doesn’t cost a fortune!  We used the same location for our retreat back in 2014.

Second Annual Homeschool Teen Fellowship Retreat 2014 – Same, Ecuador

This is obviously a much anticipated event and we try to keep the cost down to the bare minimum so even families that are struggling financially can afford to send their students.  We were blessed this year with a unexpected but timely gift to allow us to help four of our students be able to attend the retreat.  We are praising God for His generosity through His children – other homeschooled students in the United States!  He truly knows our needs.

PLEASE pray for Ron and I and the other parents, Larry and Susan Salay, who will be running the retreat this coming weekend.  We are doing all the group Bible teaching sessions, games and activities, food and all the rest that goes with organizing something like this.  Our daughter Lydia (presently working in Africa) has been helping remotely with the planning through the help of Skype and wrote up the quiet time devotionals for the kids this year.  We will really miss her group organizational skills and enthusiasm this year.

Our trusty old Mitsubishi

Thanks for praying for our vehicle.  With much prayer, research and council, we took it into the automatic transmission mechanic and they fixed it!  It is running GREAT right now and we are so thankful.  We are hoping it will continue to run in the months ahead as we continue to save up in our “Next Borman Car Fund”.

Ron was able to make some quick village trips this past week to check in with the church leaders in Dureno, Dovuno and Sinangue.  Continue to pray for the church building situation in Dureno as there has been no progress on the future building project of a new church.

Julia and Sarah at Emmaus Bible College Aug. 2014

One more thing to pray about is our “quick trip” we have planned to the United States in May.  We have purchased tickets to fly up for 10 days in early May to celebrate Ron’s dad’s 90th birthday and see Sarah (bachelors degree in Intercultural Studies) and Julia (Associate Degree in Secondary Education) graduate from Emmaus Bible College.  We will be in the Grand Rapids, Michigan, Chicago, Illinois, Dubuque, Iowa area for those ten days.  We will also be getting Isaac ready for his summer job at Latigo Ranch in Colorado and seeing the girls off for their summer jobs up at Phantom Ranch Bible Camp in Wisconsin.  It will be a time full of “Hellos” and “Good-byes”.

Continue praying for Sarah’s internship that she is working on for July – October in Papua New Guinea with the SIL center.

Blessed and busy for the Kingdom,

Ron, Esther and family

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