Personal Notes: Busy Days

Sometimes life seems so full.  I apologize for not writing for a while.  I try to write the extended family at least once-a-week and I realize I should probably just modify what I send to them and put it on here.

It’s the fifth time we’ve done this, but the college application process always seems an interesting road to maneuver.  Isaac has applied to two colleges so far and has been accepted so far to one.  He isn’t sure where God is leading him yet, so continue to pray for our high-school senior, as he seeks God’s will for the next chapter of his life.

Isaac on the glacial slopes of Carihuairazo (16,463 ft.) November 28, 2015

November found us busy with youth group meetings, both for the church and for the home-school group.  We had some car trouble too, and it prevented Ron from making one of his planned trips.  Ron wonders if that was God’s way to prevent him from making that trip though, as the village politics are crazy right now until elections December 15th.  He’s been able to call and encourage Leoncio and Wilson in Dureno (the village with the local elections coming) and we ask you to pray with us for the church there.  Both Leoncio and Wilson are very concerned and somewhat discouraged.  There is a degree of persecution towards the Christians right now with the election coming and a BIG rift between the two parties running for village president.  It used to be when we lived there it was a challenge to find someone who wanted to be voted in as president!  Now with oil money involved, there has been a 180 degree shift and the corrupt heart of man is very apparent.  There has also been no definite answers on the reconstruction of the church building there.  Keep praying!

Jesus film 3 011
Wilson and Leoncio, the church leaders in Dureno (photo taken in 2014)

November has been a month of healing for Ramon and Serafina’s eyes.  They just came up from the jungle yesterday and have a follow-up appointment with the eye doctor today.

Last week we had a wonderful time celebrating Thanksgiving with other missionary and ex-pat friends.  We only eat turkey once-a-year as it is a splurge here.  Everyone contributed their favorite side-dishes and we had a wonderful feast with lots of leftovers.  It was a fun time of fellowship with long-time and new friends.

Thanksgiving 2015 at the Borman’s house


This week is busy preparing for the Cofan village Christmas fiestas!  Ron has been busy collecting donations to help make it a special time of celebration for the people.  Pray for Ron and the team of Latinos and Cofans that will be visiting villages December 5-12.  Pray they may have many opportunities to share the Good News and encourage the Believers.

Later this month we are expecting visits from some of our kids!  Sarah and Julia will be flying in from Dubuque, IA for a lovely three week stay beginning on the 12th.  Ethan and Leanne also get to visit beginning on December 16th.  The girls have two college friends who also plan to visit us arriving right after Christmas and staying until January 5th.  We look forward to some special times together.

Lydia is doing well in Africa and loves homeschooling for her host family.  She has weekly adventures exploring the new culture and has so many interesting things to tell us.  Pray for her health, as she is on her second cold since she arrived.  Also, the dust has been terrible the last few days (what do you expect being on the edge of the Sahara) and has been an added challenge to every day life.  We are sad she won’t be able to be with us this Christmas, but are thankful for communication tools, the people she is helping out and who so warmly make her part of their family, and all her interesting adventures and opportunity the Lord has given her to serve.

Lydia’s blog:

We are thankful for each one of you and your interest, support and prayers.

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