August Update

Dear friends,

Thank you for all your prayers and support during our three month furlough in the States.  It was wonderful to see many of you, visit churches and have some special family time.

Family photo at Ethan and Leanne's wedding May 16
Family photo at Ethan and Leanne’s wedding May 16

We were gifted with a week at Latigo Ranch in Colorado.  It was a very special time to spend as a family and make memories with our boys, Isaac and Aaron.  We thoroughly enjoyed the scenery, wildflowers and God’s creation and made some new friends!

P1010574 DSCF9968 P1010544

Our last few weeks in the States we were in Michigan with Ron’s brother Rick and family and father, Bub.  Ron, Rick and the kids worked on tearing off and reroofing half of a very large barn on Rick’s property.  Ron’s knowledge of roofing was able to bless four families on our visit and we are happy we were able to help out those who pray and support us.

Fun in Lake Michigan
Blueberry picking in Michigan
Blueberry picking in Michigan
Barn roof project at Rick's
Barn roof project at Rick’s
Sunday lunch with Dad Borman (Bub)
Sunday lunch with Dad Borman (Bub)

We flew into Quito the night of August 4th and have been busy getting the house livable and getting our suitcases unpacked.  We are thankful for Dario and his wife Mayra (Cofan friends from the village of Dureno) for property-sitting while we were gone.  Our animals all looked very healthy on our return and the yard cleaned up.

Our calendar is out and is starting to get filled up with ministry opportunities!  Ron will be filling in for another elder at our church on Thursday evenings in August and leading the young adults’ Bible study.  Ron will be scheduling some jungle visits twice a month again. We will set a start date for our Homeschool Teen Fellowship meetings and Esther is working on pulling the homeschool curriculum together for Isaac (starting next week), Aaron and Andy Rogers (early in September).  Esther, Isaac and Aaron are also putting together the curriculum for the 3 year old through kindergarten Children’s Church on Sunday mornings.  Most of our regular Bible studies will be starting up the end of August and beginning of September.


~ Ron, Esther and family

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