June Prayer Update

June 3, 2014

Dear praying friends,

Psalm 100:5 “For the LORD is good; his steadfast love endures forever, and his faithfulness to all generations.”

Cofan village visits – Ron was able to make one visit in May to Dureno with our daughter Julia and some friends.  In June he is planning a couple of visits to the other villages.  Thank you for praying!

Pray for the church leaders in Sinangue and Dureno.  Pray for the desire in Dovuno to establish something more permanent there.

Cofan Church leaders in Sinangue and Dureno (L-R, Ramon, Leoncio, Wilson, Bautista)
Cofan Church leaders in Sinangue and Dureno (L-R, Ramon, Leoncio, Wilson, Bautista)

Ramon needs some eye surgery for a condition called pterygium and we are looking into how we can help.  Pray!

The Dureno Church’s next outreach is scheduled for June 28th and they plan to visit the Spanish speaking village of Lumbaqui and minister there.

Ron is sending up a packet of “Jesus” movie DVD’s to Colombia soon to give out at a big Colombian Cofan meeting that will soon happen.  We are thankful for this opportunity to have outreach into an area hard to get to for us.  Pray!

Pray for Marcelo as he finishes up his second year at the Bible Institute this week.  Pray he can be an encouragement to the church in Sinangue over the summer.  We have had inquiries from two others interested in possibly attending next year.


Vencedores (Sports Club) – started up slowly about six weeks ago.  The leaders Washington and Doris Altamirano had taken a break for Doris’ mother’s illness and death from cancer and then her father who had a stroke and who they currently help take care of.  Pray for their family during this difficult time.  We are glad to welcome them back and see the interest in the club grow once again.  Right now we have between 12 – 20 neighborhood kids attending and expect that to grow once the local schools start summer break the beginning of July.

Other Ministry Opportunities:  Ron continues to be involved in a Thursday morning Bible study and is helping with one on Thursday evenings.  He and Aurelio plan to start studying the Bible again over the summer on Tuesday evenings.  Esther, Lydia, Isaac and Aaron continue to work with the 3 – 5 year olds Sunday mornings at English Fellowship Church.  Our summer schedule is starting up and our routine will be a little different the next few months, but we will continue with these and possibly more studies.

Homeschooling Activities:  We have started our summer schedule and have cut down activities with so many families gone or involved in summer camp or other church activities.  We will be starting up again in late August.

Continue to pray for the Ecuadorian and missionary families involved in our homeschool group.

Family:  We had a very special day May 18th celebrating Julia’s high school graduation!  We hosted an open-house and Julia gave a mini-concert on the piano and played flute duets with her teacher.  Thank you to all who prayed for us and those who attended and encouraged Julia.  She left May 29th for the States accompanied by her older brother Ethan to attend their cousin’s wedding in Michigan.  They met up with Sarah there and June 4th-5th Julia and Sarah are traveling to North Dakota to work for the summer.  Ethan returned to Ecuador to finish out another month of work at Alliance Academy International and then will be heading to the States to find a job.  Thank you for praying during this time of transition in our family.

Julia playing a flute duet with her teacher Monoka Brown at her high school graduation celebration
Julia playing a flute duet with her teacher Monoka Brown at her high school graduation celebration

If you would like Sarah and Julia’s summer address or cell phone numbers, please email me for the information.

Sarah and Julia plan to attend Emmaus Bible College, Dubuque, IA, in the fall.  We are so thankful that both have about 73% for their college expenses with aid and scholarships for the next school year.  God is so good!

Julia and six out of eight of her piano and voice students this past year
Julia and six out of eight of her piano and voice students this past year

Of course the wedding May 31st of Mike and Rachelle (Borman) Scott was big news in the family!  Ethan and Sarah were the photographers and had a wonderful time being with family during that special event.  Thank you for praying for all the travels that were involved during that time.

In Christ,


Ron and Esther Borman and family

Julia, Ethan, Sarah and Grandpa Borman at Rachelle's wedding in Michigan May 31st
Julia, Ethan, Sarah and Grandpa Borman at Rachelle’s wedding in Michigan May 31st


Send financial gifts to:

Christian Missions in Many Lands

P.O. Box 13

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