Pray for the Cofan “Jesus” movie trip

Dear friends,

It is time to give an update on the “Jesus” movie trip.  First, the trip had to be postponed that was planned earlier in the month due to the fact that we didn’t receive the movie in the mail!  Partway through that week, we did receive an on-line link but it was too late to make the planned trip to the jungle.  Just last week, April 23rd – twelve days later than we expected, we did receive two copies by FedEx and tomorrow April 28th, Ron is heading down to spend a week showing the movie to six different Cofan community centers.  Please pray for his time down there and for the people who will be watching the this story for the very first time in their own language.  Pray their hearts will turn to the Lord.

In Christ,

Ron and Esther Borman


Ramon wanted to dress-up for his lines
Ramon wanted to dress-up for his lines

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