February 6, 2014

Family Photo taken January 2014
Family Photo taken January 2014

Dear praying friends,

Thank you for your prayers, letters of encouragement and gifts of support this past month.  We are so thankful for each one of you!  God has blessed us richly with your friendship and prayers, and we give Him praise!  God also provided in a wonderful way for both Ron and Esther to fly to Michigan to attend Ron’s Mom’s memorial service.  Our time there with friends and family celebrating the life of a wonderful woman of God was beautiful and memorable.

 Mom's Memorial Trip 126

Bobbie Borman’s Memorial Service Jan. 18

Cofan village visits:  Ron was unable to make any village visits for the month of January because of time spent with the work-team and going to the States for nine days.  However, he just returned from a quick visit to Dureno and Sinangue talking to the people who will be speaking the voices for the “Jesus” movie and setting up their transportation to come to our house for the recording this coming weekend.  Pray for the travel this weekend as the road to Lago Agrio was closed yesterday when Ron returned.  Ron did make it home, but had to take a 6 hour detour.  Ron hopes to be able to make another trip the end of the month to Dovuno.

Pray for Marcelo as he continues his studies at IBME.  A big “thank-you” to those who have sent gifts in for his schooling!  It has been a great testimony of how God provides.

“Jesus” movie project:  We have been so encouraged to see the interest of so many in the Cofan dubbing of the “Jesus” movie.  God has provided for the finances – the $500 movie rights fee plus transportation and room and board for all 13 people lending their voices for the project!  We are preparing for the arrival of the technicians from Peru and some of the Cofan “voices” this Saturday February 8th.  Recording will start on Monday.  The project will take 8-10 days to complete.  Please pray for this project and all that is involved.

Other Ministry Opportunities:  Ron continues to be involved in a Thursday morning Bible study.  They are comparing false religions with the Bible.  Esther is involved in a women’s Bible study in our home on Wednesday afternoons.   This study is looking closely at God’s grace and how to apply it to our daily lives.  Esther, Lydia, Isaac and Aaron also continue to work with the 3 – 5 year olds Sunday mornings at English Fellowship Church; Julia works in the nursery and Ethan started a class for Young Adults on current issues and how the Bible addresses them.

Our guestroom(s) has been busy non-stop so far this year.  We enjoy the opportunities God gives us to extend hospitality!

Homeschooling Activities:  The Homeschool Teen Night group that we lead on Friday evenings twice-a-month continues to be well attended.  Our group is finishing up a study on the book of Daniel and we are planning a retreat for March or April.  Continue to pray for the Ecuadorian families and missionary families involved in our group.

Family:  Ron celebrated a big birthday this month!

End of Jan. Beg. of Feb 073

Julia has applied to Emmaus Bible College and is looking at other colleges that have a Christian worldview and teach music.   She enjoys teaching her piano students and continues in her own piano, voice, flute and guitar studies.  Pray for her as she finishes up high-school and looks to what God has for her future – and for a summer job.

Sarah’s is back in Dubuque, IA at Emmaus Bible College continuing with her studies.  Pray for her finances this semester and for God to continue to direct her.  Pray for a summer job opportunity.

Ethan has started a full-time job second semester at Alliance Academy International here in Quito, Ecuador, being a teacher aide to the third grade classes.  He has also had some opportunities to work with some Christian organizations here making promotional DVD’s.  Pray for him as he interacts with people and looks to what God has for him in the future.

Lydia continues with her work here in Ecuador with Compassion International and is enjoying teaching English to her two students on the side.

In Christ,

Ron and Esther Borman and family

Send financial gifts to:

Christian Missions in Many Lands

Mom's Memorial Trip 085

Ron and Esther in snowy Michigan January 2014

P.O. Box 13

Spring Lake, NJ  07762

(Please make checks payable to CMML, but include a note suggesting it for the account of Ron Borman.  We receive 100% of all gifts sent for us.  You can also use PayPal at the website:  http://www.cmml.us/donation/253)

There is a new way to give at the CMML website and you can sign up for the Electronic Funds Transfer!  If you are interested in this, please visit:  http://www.cmml.us/

Skype number: 541-223-7646

Skype name: mdelmbormans

Snail mail address:

Ron and Esther Borman

Correos Mitad del Mundo

San Antonio de Pichincha



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