Summer Adventures

Thank you for your prayers these past months. The Lord gave us a wonderful time, busy and in many locations, these past six to seven weeks.

The first event was in Pensacola, Florida, where we witnessed the graduation of our now daughter-in-law, Yvonne. Since Isaac’s undergrad graduation celebration was cancelled in 2020, it was special to be able to attend Yvonne’s. We had fun meeting some of her family during this time and had a few little adventures.

Our next stop was near Spokane, Washington, where we spent some time with Ethan and his family, Julia and her family and our youngest son, Aaron. We made some precious memories together.

Then it was time to head east to Michigan for Isaac and Yvonne’s wedding taking place on June 4th. It gave us an opportunity to visit some longtime friends and supporters along the way and enjoy the beauty and diversity of the United States.

We finally arrived in a town near Blissfield, Michigan, where the wedding was taking place. All of our kids and their families were able to attend along with Ron’s brother Rick and sister Sheri and some of their family. The wedding was so God honoring and we so appreciated how Yvonne’s home church were such a help with all the preparations, ceremony and reception. We also had absolutely perfect weather the day of the wedding. God is so good, and we are so very happy to welcome Yvonne into the family.

Since we had all the family together, we were able to get a family photo! It has been at least two years since we have all been together in one place.

Back on the west coast, we spent time at one of our granddaughter’s first birthday party, saw our little grandson start rolling over, and had tea parties with our other granddaughter. We shared at a couple churches and also spent some time in Oregon with Esther’s mom. The timing on this was completely the Lord’s as she had just suffered from a serious infection in the hospital and Ron and I were able to be at her house as she recovered at home. Please keep her in prayer. She’s doing better from her infection, but is having a hard time bouncing back to her normal energy and activity level. Esther’s brother Andy and his wife are temporarily living with her for the next several months, which we are very thankful for.

We did return to Ecuador on the 29th of June, right at the tail end of a time of unrest, strikes and demonstrations of the Indigenous organizations against the government. On Day 18, the government and the organization were able to come to an agreement to stop the strikes and go into some more serious talks. Please pray for these next three months of discussion – that peace will prevail.

  • Ron has possibly three jungle trips this month of July. The first visit is to prepare for a work team (2nd visit) coming from Michigan to visit the village of Sinangue, have a VBS for the kids and work on the church building. The third possibility will be later in the month with another work team to visit Sinangue and do further work on the church building. We are hoping the church will get a new roof soon!
  • In August Ron hopes to head up a father-son campout with some of our youth group and there will be another Cofan Church Leader’s Course.
  • Work continues on the Cofan Old Testament translation project. Besides getting ready for work teams, Ron is also meeting this week with the translation team on his jungle visit.

Our daughter Sarah has plans to join us again in early September. Meanwhile, she is working along with her older sister Lydia at the Ark Encounter once again this summer.

Thank you, once again, for all your prayers.

4 thoughts on “Summer Adventures

  1. Looks like you had a great time. God is really blessing you and your family. May God continue blessing you, your family and your ministry. Denise

  2. Hey! Thanx for your good letter and great fotos!!! That’s a pretty cool beard, Ron! Wow, your family keeps multiplying all over the world! So many weddings and babies.

    I keep doing my Prayer Dept stuff here at home, and our Print Shop brings me lots of prayer letters to stuff, etc, which really helps fill the lo-ong days, PTL.

    A few weeks ago we had a Staff Retreat here in our Orlando office, and several of our folks were awarded for the years they have served with WBT. And would you believe I actually ‘won the prize’ with 60? Here’s the picture. God is so good. I dont plan to retire, but will keep going as long as He gives me strength. I’m 85 and holding.

    My Donna was here recently for 9 days and helped me with so much!! Cleaned the whole house, cooked all sorts of good healthy food, took me shopping for things I need, etc. Carol lives in Alexandria VA and is an Acupuncturist. Neither has ever married, so I dont have the big family you do!!!!!

    Lots of love n hugs n prayers, ‘Aunt’ Nancy xoxo

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