4 thoughts on “The History of the Cofan New Testament

  1. What a wonderful history! Ecuador will always hold such a wonderful spot in my heart! Thanks so much for putting this together! Ken and I would love to visit Durano some time!

  2. this documentary is so inspiring! What God can do to reach out in the Amazon- the work that the Borman family has done is such an example of touching others for the glory of God!!

  3. Thanks, Ron, for making this video history of the Cofan NT. I was at the dedication in Durano and privileged to be on the SIL aviation team at Limoncocha. This video is excellent. One of the Helios -HC-AYJ- that served in Ecuador is being rededicated tomorrow, May 12, 2023 here at the JAARS base. After Ecuador it served in SE Asia and is now being used for training at JAARS.

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